Match #1

AARON vs Phillippe

Match #2

JEAN vs Nicholas

Match #3

JEAN vs Phillippe

Match #4

AARON vs Nicholas

Match #5



JEAN vs Nicholas

Handsome, muscular newcomer, Nicholas, is up against the bigger, buffed-up Jean..In a test of strength, though, Nicholas manoeuvers to gain the upper hand.

Nicholas has Jean in pain as he surfboards him to the mat..

Jean muscles his way out and forces Nicholas to the mat..eye gouging, hair pulling and choking await the beau Nicholas.

Nicholas suffers inside those powerful thighs of Jean..and for good measure, Jean plays with Nicholas' piercing ripe nipples..

Jean applies a painful nerve hold on Nicholas..and proceeds to claw at his pecs.

Nicholas is on the receiving end of a full nelson.

Its time to put Nicholas to bed and slowly our handsome newcomer slides to the mat..

Jean humiliates his fallen opponent by first wedging Nicholas' trunks and then slapping that beautiful big ass...

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