Match #1

AARON vs Phillippe

Match #2

JEAN vs Nicholas

Match #3

JEAN vs Phillippe

Match #4

AARON vs Nicholas

Match #5



AARON vs Nicholas

AARON comes face-to-face with Nicholas in a test of strength and loses!

The handsome newcomer puts the cocky veteran in a bear hug and then tries to finish him off early with a sleeper hold...what impudence!

Aaron escapes and makes Nicholas pay..foot in his face, hair pulling and a savage attack on Nicholas' left wrist and fingers!

Aaron sees that tight bulging ass and can't help himself from playing with his trunks, givng Nicholas several wedgies while sitting on top of his helpless opponent.

Aaron can't stop himself from slapping that tight bulbous butt..but its down to business before he tangles with Jean..

Nicholas has to put up with more humiliation as Aaron takes him through his paces..'HA what a pathetic punk'!

Aaron now sits on Nicholas' chest and starts in on his nipples and pecs before applying his bone-crushing bear hug..

"You think you're ready for me Jean?"

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