Filmed with an High Definition (HD) Camera

Match #2 Bobby vs Mario Match #2 Bobby vs Mario

Match #1

Sexxy Eddie vs Brandon

Match #2

Brandon vs Marco

Match #3

Sexxy Eddie vs Marco

Match #4

Sexxy Eddie vs Marco vs Brandon


Marco vs Brandon

The bigger Marco is brought to his knees, by the smaller Brandon.

And now, it is Brandon who finds himself...

...on the receiving end of Marco's abuse.

Marco gets himself into trouble when Brandon clamps on a full nelson..

...but the big man easily breaks free.

Marco has Brandon on the mat and jacks- up some pain.

Brandon grimaces while trapped in Marco's came clutch.

Marco is on the mat and Brandon delivers some finger punishment...

Now he is in a boston crab...

A close-up of Brandon's boston crab.

Now its Marco who has Brandon in a head scissors...

Brandon tries everything to break free... only to end up... Marco's sleeper hold.

Down he goes... and Marco(PWP's latest find) claims his victory.

Down and out!!

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