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Match #2 Bobby vs Mario Match #2 Bobby vs Mario

Match #1

Sexxy Eddie vs Brandon

Match #2

Brandon vs Marco

Match #3

Sexxy Eddie vs Marco

Match #4

Sexxy Eddie vs Marco vs Brandon


Sexxy Eddie vs Marco

Sexxy Eddie and Marco in a test of strength.

Sexxy Eddie with an early advantage...

...only to find Marco in control with a full nelson...

...but the Sexxy One breaks out.

Marco's powerful arms are wrapped around Eddie's head.

Eddie arms are wrapped behind him, with Marco sitting on top of him.

Sexxy Eddie faces the cruel punishment of PWP's newest star.

Eddie gets his fingers pulled and twisted.

Marco continues his attack on Eddie's arms and hands.

Eddie gets up and breaks the hold.

Sexxy Eddie is in control for the moment.

Eddie gets his head pulled in closer by Marco.

Sexxy close-up...

...and Sexxy Eddie getting ready...

...for beddy bye.

Marco can claim his second victory.

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