Filmed with an High Definition (HD) Camera

Gut Punching

Match #1

'Dangerous' Mathieu vs Mario 

Match #2

Bobby Bouchard vs Mario

Match #3

'Danergerous' Mathieu vs Bobby Bouchard

Match #4

Mathieu & Mario vs Bobby Bouchard

Match #4

There can only be one man standing!

Bobby Bouchard vs Mario and Mathieu

KID T.N.T. - Guest Referee


Bobby has not faced two opponents before this match...

...and right from the start, both Mathieu and Mario pound on Bobby. He can't take it and slumps to the floor.

The first part of this match sees the two boys playing fairly... tagging in when necessary.

OUCH!! A visious chicken wing leg split.

Mathieu clamps on an arm bar...

...but gets a solid punch to the gut.

Bobby lifts Mathieu high above the mat trapped in a powerful full nelson.

Mario interferes... and it's now 'no more Mister nice guys'.


A surfboard ...

...and a headlock...


...find Mario crashing to the mat...


...trapped inside those powerful legs... Bobby starts pounding on Mario's gut.

but Mathieu comes in and both men now take on Bobby...

Both men know they have Bobby now...


s its all over for Bobby!


Only one man left standing meanss Mario is on the reciving end of some gut punching.

A tight headlock and some eye gouging followed by...

...a SOLID punch to the balls!!


sMario is trapped in Mathieu's figure four leg lock... he tries to get out of it by reversing the hold only to be met by Kid TNT who...


...assures Mathieu's victory with some chloroform. Mathieu sits on Mario's chest in his final victory pose.

Watch what happens to Kid TNT in the next video. Dan has a little surprise waiting for Kid TNT for his continued interference in these matches.

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