Filmed with an High Definition (HD) Camera

Gut Punching

Match #1

'Dangerous' Mathieu vs Mario 

Match #2

Bobby Bouchard vs Mario

Match #3

'Danergerous' Mathieu vs Bobby Bouchard

Match #4

Mathieu & Mario vs Bobby Bouchard



Each Wrestler Takes His Turn to See who can withstand the Most Punishment. Then Mathieu & Mario Double-Team Bobby.

KID T.N.T. Referee

Bobby grimaces as he waits for the Mathieu pounding. He can't take it and slumps to the floor.

Now it's Mario gut that is on the receiving end of Dangerous Mathieu's fist!

Now it Mathieu who isn't able to withstand the onslaught from Big Bobby's fists... and down goes Mathieu.

Mario wants in so he sets about pounding on the Dangerous one's stomach.

Kid TNT times each episode to see who can take the most punishment!

While Kid TNT looks on, both Mario and Mathieu are relentless...

...each takes his turn pounding Bobby's gut. Bobby keeps asking for more until he can't take it any more.

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