Match #1

FRANCESCO vs chris

Match #2

MARCO vs sean

Match #3

MARCO vs chris

Match #4


Match #5

sean vs chris


FRANCESCO vs chris


chris gives up at least 6 inches in height and sixty pounds to Francesco..

Try as hard as he might, chris can't break free from the big man's bear hug..

chris struggles

but Francesco won't let him out..

Francesco allows chris to put him in a bear hug....then proceeds to break free by almost shattering chris' arms..

now its Francesco's turn and a punch to the face only brings more pain and suffering.

a solid body scissors and some fist punishment to chris' back.. 

watching chris squirm to break free ....

only brings on more pain

a backbreaker and choking poor chris..

over the shoulder back braeker..then a sleeper..

Francesco relaxs before taking his prize to the back room...

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