Match #1

FRANCESCO vs chris

Match #2

MARCO vs sean

Match #3

MARCO vs chris

Match #4


Match #5

sean vs chris


sean vs chris


From the opening bell, chris grabs sean in a headlock and repeatedly pounds his opponent's head..

After softening up sean, chris displays his youth as he showboats in front of the camera..

chris sizes up sean and lands his fist on the side of sean's head.

butt in the face head scissors...

'wanna smell my hairy armpit??'

'howclose do you want to come???'

chris decides to concentrate his punishment on sean's back and arms..  

chris loves to sean lays helpless with chris' knee firmly planted over both hands..

Pulling sean's hair is fun..then chris repeats his attack on sean's left arm...

chris shifts his effort to sean's right arm with a punishing arm bar.

'I'm back in the saddle again'...chris keeps the pressure on sean's arms..

'giddy up punk....' sean can't take the pain any longer..and submits..

chris poses over his defeated opponent..

as sean lays helpless on the mat, chris mskes his point to the camera...

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