the Tyler Compilation

versus Sean, Joey, Darren, Kid Brandon, the Black Scorpion and the Rebel

the Dyllon Compilation #2

versus Dyllon

Hunks of PWP

versus Darren and Dino

Scissors #5

versus Dino, Dyllon and Kid Brandon

the Black Scorpion

versus Scorpion and Sean

 the Rebel's Revenge

versus the Rebel and Joey

Tyler... this guy is HOT. Sean returns to PWP with a bigger more muscular build... but even with that and all of his experience he still has a real hard time with the hunk Tyler. Here Tyler attacks Sean with his tough side headlock.

Then still working Sean's neck Tyler brings him down into a painful camel clutch...

...and then softens him up with a mighty bear hug.

Tyler stands out among PWP's wrestlers. Tough, muscular and handsome... he's bound to get a few fans.

Tyler has a rougher go at it against another powerful hunk... the Scorpion. He tries to weaken him with a sideheadlock, working his neck with that big arm.

And this camel clutch that has Scorpion squirming to get out of.

This swinging full nelson has Scorpion shaken a bit...

...and this head-crushing scissors just makes Scorpion pissed off. Tyler has a hard time in this match. He looks incredible, but the super-hunk, Scorpion, is eventually the winner of this solid match-up.

Tyler competely squashes Joey in this match. Tyler loves to bring a guy down by working over his neck and head. Joey suffers greatly in this sideheadlock...


...then Tyler dishes out a crushing head scissors (Tyler is one HOT man)...


...then it's back to the side headlock for Joey.


Tyler is one tough hunk as Joey has found out. We hope this guy has MANY more fights for us to enjoy. He looks great!!!


Built almost the same, the Rebel and Tyler have a classic GREAT matchup. Tyler of course immediately has the Rebel in one of his neck twisting side headlocks. (GEEZ these two are totally hot)


Continuing to work over the Rebel, Tyler taunts him as he pours on the pressure. Tyler, unlike the other PWP guys, enjoys to razz his opponents in English (what a treat for all of you who don't speak french).


The Rebel looks like he has had enough of this ultra-tough opponent. Tyler flexes that hot bod, as he totally works him over. WOW... WHAT AN INCREDIBLE FIGHT THIS ONE IS.


Dino experiences this head scissors/arm torture at the hands of big Tyler.

How much of this torture can Dino stand? Tyler completely works over Dino's head and arms.

Tyler shows off his big muscular body, in this flex pin on Dino.