The Sexy Steve Compilation

versus Sexy Steve

MatAttack #3

versus Sebastian, Sexy Steve and tagteams with Sean

the Second Scissors Tape

versus Sexy Steve twice and Sean twice

Summer Crush

versus Kid Q and tagteams with Joey against Tarzan and then against Tarzan and Kid Q

Montreal Matmen

versus Kid Q, Punishing Pat and a Round Robin including Serge Legros


Stephan yanks Seans hair for some leverage and more punishment.

Stephans fig-4 headlock on Steve is longheld and strong. He just waits and watches the big guy go out.


Stephan with this backbreaking chinlock on Sexy has him in trouble.


Then Sexy gets this legscissors armbar. Looking great boys.


Then Stephan tosses this sexy sleeper body scissors on Sexy Steve.

Check this out, Sebastian suffers the same hold at the hands of Stephan.

Sebastian gets a good view of Stephan.

An older pic of an armbar on Kid Q.