Filmed with an High Definition (HD) Camera

Match #1

Sexxy Eddie vs Mathieu

Match #2

Brandon vs Jonathan

Match #3

Brandon vs Mathieu

Match #4

Sexxy Eddie vs Jonathan

Match #5

Sexxy Eddie vs Brandon


Sexxy Eddie vs Jonathan

Jonathan begins the match with Eddie trapped in a punishing bear hug.

Jonathan continues his domination of Eddie with a camel clutch...

...followed by a full nelson... however...

...Eddie knows he can power out of this hold.

Here Eddie has Jonathan suffering in a head scissors and an arm bar!

'You're going nowhere, punk"

Well not for long, as Jonathan takes the advantage with a boston crab.

He has the 'Sexxy One' all wrapped up...

...and just when it looks the worse for Eddie...

...he is able to escape and has Jonathan securely locked to the mat.

Jonathan reverses and has Eddie sufferring on the mat...

...only to find himself locked in a Sexxy Eddie terminator.lef

Jonathan's body is caught in Eddie's back breaking bear hug.

As much as he tries, Jonathan can't break free from...

...Sexxy Eddie's bear hug.

"Struggle all you want, you ain't going anywhere"

Sexxy Eddie once again is able to muscle another victory... now its time for Bodacious Brandon.

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