Filmed with an High Definition (HD) Camera

Match #1

Sexxy Eddie vs Mathieu

Match #2

Brandon vs Jonathan

Match #3

Brandon vs Mathieu

Match #4

Sexxy Eddie vs Jonathan

Match #5

Sexxy Eddie vs Brandon


Brandon vs Mathieu

Brandon is all over Mathieu at the start of the match.

Brandon thinks he has an easy victory against the youngster.

But he quickly lerans that Mathieu is no slouch!

Brandon eventually breaks free from Mathieu's clutches.

He makes the rookie pay.

'Who do you think you are punk?"

Not content to maul him on the mat, Brandon bites his opponent.

The rookie will have nothing of that... as he makes Brandon pay for his indiscretions.

Brandon applies an arm bar on the youngster.

"You're mine now..." 

"You like what you see Brandon...??"

Brandon tries his best to seize the advantage over the rookie... even playing with Mathieu's nip.

Once on top, Brandon never relinguishes control over the rookie.

Full nelsons, camel clutches, pain and more pain...

Brandon has Mathieu in a bear hug and wants to add insult..

to the pain of his bear hug by pulling his tight white trunks up Mathieu's ass crack..

Brandon has Mathieu where he wants him... ready for bed.

Brandon stomps his foot in Mathieu's groin for good measure... then plants his knee over Mathieu's throat... another sexy end for our Bodacious Brandon!

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