Special K


 Ko'ed 2

versus Danny Boy, Slash and Joey


versus Sébastien, Estevan and Joey

 the 1st Sleeper Tape

versus Mad Maxx, Angel and the Rebel


Big, hot, muscular Special K goes to work on Mad Maxx after he headbutts him in the crotch.

He takes the popular Mad One down with his continued sleeper and for a little humiliation... he gives him some bites to the ear.

Look at his confidence as he manhandles the Rebel.

And squeezes those rock hard arms around the Rebels neck. Nice Sleeper!

This guy is built and really gives our ever popular tough wrestler, the Rebel, a solid match-up... and in his debut.

The Rebel goes down in this best of three bouts, a great muscle matchup.

Angel has a hard time with this new tough guy.

Here Special K muscles Angel down and schoolboy pins him.


Then to finish him off he puts him out with a fantastic sleeper hold.


Special K throws this brilliant backbreaking boston crab on Estevan.

Then with all that might, he lifts the big blond up into this piledriving bearhug. Look at that power in those muscles.


Poor Joey looks as though he's had enough of the big hunk manhandling him.


Joey gets the full treatment of body torture. Here the big muscle stud throws young hunk Joey over his knees in this backbreaking hold...


... then over the shoulder to really show his power and dominance. This guy is built tough.


Sebastien has his hands full with Special K. Muscle hunk against muscle hunk, it's battle of the body.


Special K gets that knee dug deep into Sebastiens back, while stretching that big chest and shoulders back hard. Big guys battle!!!


Special K gives his protage a little lesson in punishment... neck and back punishment. This sitting neck breaker has Danny Boy's back is being powerfully twisted around by the big guy...


...then he gives his arms a break and starts in on Danny with a schoolboy headscissors, still punishing that neck of Danny's.


Still centering in on the neck and back, Danny suffers this knee backbreaker, with Special K continuing his neck torture.


Danny gets a stern lesson from Special K, in how to destroy even the big guys like him.


Special K loves being dominant over his opponents. Still into the back and neck torture, the rookie Slash is dominated by this powerful guy. Special K mounts him in this camel clutch, and throws in some neck twisting for added pain.

Special K hits Slash up with this single leg boston crab, with his knee dug into Slash's back for added leverage.


Then moves onto this powerful sitting hangman carry. Look how Slash is painfully bent over backwards...

...and Special K is loving his commanding dominance, as he hoists the smaller man up over his huge shoulders into a backbreaking carry. Special K is having a great time at Slash cost.


Special K is twice as big as poor Joey. And yet again in this match, Special K is going to overpower his man with neck and back torture. Special K sits right on top of Joeys shoulders as he holds him in this nasty boston crab.


Using his weight advantage, Special K gives Joey a good look at his powerful body and crotch. Keeping the pressure on Joeys hurting back.


Then it's this over the knee backbreaker with a front facelock, until Joey is almost done...


...then Special K shows his power by lifting Joey up and doing some overhead presses with Joey's whole body. What power!!!