3rd Annual Wrestling Bash

versus the Rebel

Gabriel Dominates

versus Gabriel and Joey

Sleeper 5

versus Christopher, Jay and Kid Brandon

Gabriel Dominates

versus Joey and Gabriel

In this 5th sleeper challenge, Sammy outmuscles and outsleepers all the other opponents. Sammy has Kid Brandon held solidly on the mat as he applies his sleeper...

... then goes at him with a leg sleeper, letting Brandon get a good look at the guy who is dominating him... and a close up of that big crotch.

A back and forth battle with Christopher, until Sammy takes the edge. Sammy dominates the newbie with a sleeper onslaught... some standing, some sitting, and then with Christopher passed out on the floor.

After his two wins against these guys, Sammy takes on Jay... a guy pretty much his size which makes this matchup a good one. Sammy holds his own against Jay, and when it looks like Jay is in trouble...

... Kid Brandon and Chris come out to Jay's rescue and they all gang up on Sammy. After their coup, the guys stand and pose over Sammy's hot body.

In 'Gabriel Dominates', Sammy returns bigger and stronger. His first opponent is Gabriel (the monster). Sammy is totally squashed, with nelsons, camel clutches, side-head locks, and bearhugs. The muscleman Gab flexes over squashed Sammy. But this is only his first match, and Sammy is tough and has an ego to uphold... so Joey and the Rebel...Watch Out!!

Sammy is pissed that he was defeated. Onto Joey who does have the more experience, and a very nice physique on him. Sammy doesn't care... he wants to punish the rest of them. Joey's body looks fabulous as Sammy goes from hold to hold punishing Joey for his defeat by Gabriel. Here in a full nelson standing...

...then sitting, with those legs wrapped around Joey's torso, squeezing. Joey feels like he is being ripped apart. But that isn't enough... Sammy takes the manhandeled hunk...

... and punishes him more with this classic side headlock. Sammy flexes that big bicep around Joey's head, dominating him.

Then it's sleeper time! Sammy gives Joey a close-up of his bicep, clamping it under his chin, and flexing it on and off until Joey passes out in pain.

Nice squash-job Sammy!!! Kiss that big bicep! (Now... the Rebel gets some...)