PWP Wrestling presents


Part Deux


This is a great little tape. One of PWP's older tapes featuring some very hot young studs. It starts out with each of these guys stretching out, dancing, and showing off his body. One by one, muscle guy Marco, then even bigger muscle guy Sebastian, then sexy young Martin, then model good looking Scott. Each of them then take to the dancefloor, showing their stuff and are each challenged to their control of their dancefloor. Four matches. Then... PWP features three squash jobs… two with the two muscle guys going at it, Marco and big Sebastian. Sebastian is completely controlled by the smaller Marco in both. Three squash jobs later, there is a tagteam matchup with Marco and Scott against Sebastian and Martin. Again Marco prevails. It is especially fun to watch when all four guys are all involved and they are all over eachother. Then... after all that action, PWP shows you clips of all four guys doing some 'after the matches' body worship. All four, all over each other. Very fun. For the price this is a great little gem. Very fun tape.



Match pics of Marco taking on Sebastian

Match pics from Martin taking on Scott

Pics from Marco squashing big Sebastian


One low blow by Marco and its all over for the big guy.


Remember this tape has four matchups...then three squash jobs...then a tagteam matchup...then clips from some after match body worship. It's a gem!!!

DVD - $29.00