Rough & Raunchy 9

versus Brutus, Mathieu and Derek

Introduction to Destruction

versus Sebastian and Bad Boy

Mario isn't as much a big guy as he is a talented and nasty wrestler. Here he takes big guy Brutus down and works over his balls with his foot...

...then throws a sleeper hold on him, not worried by the big guy.

Talented as a wrestler, Mario works over Derek by putting him in this crab/armbar hold...

...then looks in control as he applies this facelock.

Then continues his assault on Derek, rolling him up in this matchbook press. Mario demonstrates that he's not just a pretty face.

Mathieu gets the same treatment as Derek. Mario goes from hold to hold, manhandelling Mathieu, here with a solid sideheadlock.

Then a bodyscissors. Mario looking pleased with his torturing holds.

Mario shows off his great torso, as he hooks those legs around Mathieu's neck and scissors it. Mathieu has a great view of his aggressors's hot body.

Totally weakened by all of Mario's fantastic holds, Mathieu finds himself being choked in this knee backbreaker.

STILL not enough... Mario surfboards Mathieu and makes him eat mat.

Mario doesn't even look like he's broken a sweat as he just finished brutalizing Mathieu with a solid wrestling lesson.