Marc lapoche


Rough and Raunchy 6

versus Romeo, Lenny and Serge Legros


versus Kid TNT and Serge Legros and a match featuring all three guys

Rough and Raunchy 5

versus Guillaume, Kid TNT and Romeo

One thing that Marc Lapoche has going for him is those fabulous big arms. And once they get wrapped around your head, you're in trouble. Here Kid TNT is in Marc's grasp.

Marc and Serge Legros have gone muscle to muscle a couple of times. This powerful ear-ringing headlock has Marc completely in control of his brawny foe.

In another brawny matchup, Marc works over the neck of big guy Guillaume with this leg sleeper...

... then works it over some more with some choking. This is a hot body matchup.


Kid TNT gets racked across Marc's wide shoulders...


...and in defeat Marc flexes those big pipes as he schoolboy pins TNT.


Romeo gets his chin buried in Marc's big package in this fig-4 head scissors...


...and then Marc shows off his great body as he finishes off Romeo.


Marc likes to dominate his man, and here he has poor Lenny racked up torturing his back...


...then finishes him off by working over his package.


Marc outmuscles big Serge in another of their matchups, here with an armbar/chokehold...


...then drops the big guy over his knee with a backbreaker, while working over the dominated Serges balls.


Serge then suffers an ultratight sleeper, still working that back. Check out these hot bodies.


Marc then revives Serge only shove his knee against his that aching back, and work over his big arms.


Look how Marc applies pressure to that already hurting back of Serge... totally dominating him. Great matchup.