Mike 'Mad Dog' Legros


ROUGH and Raunchy 11

versus Dekker, Brutus and tagteams with Dekker against Marky and Brutus

 ROUGH and Raunchy 7

versus Romeo and Sylvain and a tagteam against them with Skull

ROUGH and Raunchy

versus Kid TNT, Denis and tagteams with Kid TNT against Lenny and Denis

 the Headlock Tape

versus Marc Lapoche and Kid TNT including a 3-way match

Dekker is really taking it to Marky, but Mad Dog offers too workover Marky's balls with his foot and here with some clawing.

Serge puts the squeeze on Kid TNT with those big arms of his.


TNT looks a little pained in Serge's clutches.


Serge throws this big full nelson on TNT and stretches him out for the win.


Serge dominates Denis by wrapping him over his knee and doing some ball-grabbing.


Mauling Denis, Serge muscles on this armbar/chinlock hold.

Denis arches way back in this huge bearhug. Serge enjoys outmuscling these guys.

 Even in tagteam action he likes bringing his opponents down with those bearhugs. Serge is looking awesome.


Serge's torso looks hot as he holds Kid TNT's head hard between that big chest and bicep.


And finishes off the match with this hot pose above TNT.


Marc Lapoche's head gets squeezed hard by Serge, as he wraps that big bicep around it and holds tight...


...and then it's all over as Serge poses over Marc's hot body.


Serge double teams Romeo with Kid TNT. He full nelsons Romeo, as TNT gives him some foot to groin torture...

...and then Serge, while sitting on Romeos face, poses for the win. 


Great shot of Serge's dominance over Sylvain.


In a so-called tagteam match, Sylvain is worked over by not just Serge, but Skull and Kid TNT too. Hot action!


In this fantastic tagteam match, Mad Dog's bear hug on Marky has his limp body dangling in Mad Dog's clutches...

...then with Marky now on the floor, Mad Dog goes to work on his neck. Twisting and pulling...

 ...putting Marky through some punishing torture.

Marky, yelling in pain, is pulled way back over Mad Dog's thigh... and Brutus, Marky's tagteam partner, is just out of reach. 

Brutus and Mad Dog in a test of strength. 

 Mad Dog goes to work on big Brutus' arms, bending and scissoring the first ...


...and then the other arm, as he kneels on the other. Mad Dog is a very tough wrestler, as a lot of guys can tell you, and big Brutus got a taste of Mad Dog's wrath.

 Mad Dog body scissoring Dekker, as he has his big bicep flexing under Dekker's chin, going for the sleeper. And Dekker is trying to power out of this.