New Era Wrestling 3

versus Jean-Philippe, the Kombat Kid and Pierre


Lucas is a great big find for PWP Wrestling. A huge muscular brute. Here he unloads on Pierre in their matchup showing his power with this fireman's carry.

Here he ties Pierre up like a pretzel and works over his abs with that fist.

Pierre feels that mighty bicep stretching and squeezing his neck out.

Lucas's bicep pumped up squishing the air out of Pierre for the win.

Lucas forces this big bearhug on Jean-Philippe. JP looks in pain as he tries to pound that big back of Lucas to unlock the hold.

Dominating the much smaller JP, Lucas looks like he's in control with this mean full nelson, bending JP's back too.

Jean-Phillippe suffers in a monster over the shoulder backbreaker. Lucas looks so powerful.

Lucas has JP under control, twisting him up good and hard.

A huge sideheadlock is devastating for JP.

Then another bearhug, brutally working over his smaller opponent.


This is dominance.


The Kombat Kid gets a feel of Lucas's big arm around his neck in this solid sideheadlock.


Then KK grimaces in pain in one of Lucas's big bearhugs.


Look at the size and thickness of Lucas. Using all that muscle in this surfboard.

And then he pulls KK's neck back hard with a camel hold.