The Dyllon Compilation

versus Dyllon


versus Andre, Marc and Dyllon


Laurent is big, tough, has a fantastic physique, and has the wrestling skills to plow through all his opponents in his first outing with PWP. Here's Laurent berating Marc as he punishes him in a solid headscissors.

Even the Rebel, Bad Boy and Brandan had to be there to witness the new guy, and to see what all the buzz was about. I'm sure they sweated a bit. Here Marc suffer BIGTIME in this chinlock/armbar, getting bent backwards too and feeling the pressure from the big guy.

This front facelock really showed off Laurent's great build as he pours the pressure on poor Marc.

Then Marc is side headlocked... tight between Laurent's big chest, biceps, forearms and abs... til he blacks-out.


Andre (hot guy with an awesome body), gets manhandeled by Laurent throughout their match. Look how tight this nelson is. Chin getting dug right into the chest... Andre's big arms and shoulders and back getting squeezed back hard.


Helpless, Andre finds himself in Laurents commanding sleeper. Andre struggles... feeling Laurent's huge bicep and forearm under his chin... Laurent looks after this hot hunk.


Dyllon (Laurent's brother), has developed quite a physique and a popular following since coming to PWP. He is still little challenge to his rookie brother. Laurent outmuscles Dyllon... here, in this camel clutch, flexing out his big chest and arms.

Laurent shows off his body, as he works over Dyllon. Here as he applies this surfboard he digs his heel into his brothers back and pulls back hard on those big arms.

And eventually after much punishment Dyllon goes down in this textbook sleeper. Laurent destroys 3 big guys in his first time out with PWP... and he demonstrates to 3 other of PWP's finest wrestlers what is in store for them too. Look out, this guy is HOT!!!