Kombat Kid


 New Era Wrestling 3

versus Jean-Pilippe, Lucas and Pierre

the 4th Scissors Tape

versus Christopher, Felix and Sean

  In his debut matchup against another rookie, Pierre, the Kombat Kid demonstrates the viciousness of his attack. Pierre get smothered, face down against KK's package. 

Pierre's chest gets stretched out, neck forced back hard.

Still wroking over Pierre's neck, knee up against the back for leverage and added pain against the back.

Softened up, Pierre's neck gets crushed against KK's torso hard, with more neck torture.

Giving his arms a rest, Kid wraps those legs around Pierre's neck squeezing the air out of him and that aching neck.

To add to the humiliation, it's fome gut torture for Pierre. Helpless Pierre has no way out of this battle.

Kombat Kid can really dish out the neck toture on his opponants. Here Jean-Philippe gets some. No way out.

A face to crotch headscissors has JP a little broken.

Still working JP's neck, and adding a hammerlock, Kid is showing his dominance.

A solid full-nelson, strtching that neck out more, with shoulders way back and JP in loads of pain.


This is Jean-Pilippe slowly succumbing to KK's strong sleeper on his well worked over neck. Good night JP.


Lucas is a big, big , musclehunk. Here he is at the mercy of Kombat Kid's neck torture.


Kid does a little footwork on Lucas, holding him by his arm and leg, driving that heel into his ribs and pulling hard.


Finding a towel to aid him in his destruction of the big guy, Kombat dominates.


All that muscle couldn't help Lucas out of this one.


In this fantastic reverse body scissors, Kid K throws in a mean armbar on Christopher for added punishment.


Then he has Christopher in more trouble with this front face down figure-4 headscissors, pulling on his arms to force Christopher's face into his crotch.


Felix finds himself in this nasty schoolboy pin, squeezing his head hard and bending his arms.


Kid K stands proud flexing over Felix's worn out body.


Sean is choked while his body is scissored hard.


And Sean is weakened more getting his head scissored in this schoolboy pin.

Then it's lights out for Sean with a strong figure-4 headscissors.