Kid Brandon


3rd Annual Wrestling Bash

versus Eric

the Tyler Compilation

versus Tyler

 Brothers 2

versus Jeremy and tagteams with Jay (his brother) against Jeremy and Eric

 Hunks of PWP

versus Dyllon

Squash 2

versus Jay and the Rebel, and then tagteams with Jay against Gabriel (2 on 1)

Sleeper 5

versus Jay, Chris and Sammy

KB has Sammy in some trouble with this mean fig-4 scissors, with some added arm torture.

He then tosses a sleeper hold on Sammy and adds in a little eye gauging too.

And Sammy has to struggle to free himself from this attack.

KB's brother Jay seems to always have his hands full when they are opponents. This sleeper hold is tightly held by KB...

...until Jay can't take anymore. (Good looking brothers.)

Chris gets held hard against KB's body, getting that neck almost pulled off.

Then is at the receiving end of a fig-4 head scissors.

Followed by a body breaking full nelson, until Chris almost can't take anymore.

KB just has to finish off his opponent, so he slips this sleeper on Chris, as he has him pinned to the mat. And it's lights out for Chris.

In their second meeting, KB and his brother Jay look great in their bulging briefs. KB has Jay tightly held to the floor with a side headlock.

Then lifts Jay up and throws him into a full nelson for a while. Jay grimaces in pain.

KB only has to put Jay out, and he wins. He grabs on with a sleeper and hangs on hard... standing...

...then sitting... until Jay sleeps.

The Rebels neck had been worked over hard in his first match against Gabriel, and then again by Jay. KB is no dummy, and continues on... The big guy poses a BIG opponent for KB. Suffering mildly at the start of their matchup, KB fires back... focusing on that aching neck... starting with a side headlock (and eye gauging too)...

...then in total disregard for the musclehunk, he chokes him repeatedly.

Then gets him in a lond held sleeper, and the Rebel can't shake him.

Giving his arms a rest, KB takes the Rebel to the floor and fig-4 head scissors that aching neck of his.

Not content with having the Rebel moan and struggle in pain... KB sits on his neck, still scissoring it and clutches the Rebel's head and stretches his neck til near breaking point.

KB goes on and on, working over the musclehunk. Check out this surfboard with a footchoke. The Rebel shouts in pain submitting to KB.

The Rebel rubs his aching neck. Kid Brandon rubs his mighty manhood. A fantastic squash job!!!