Brother 2

versus Jay and Kid Brandon and tagteams with Eric against the brothers

Rebels Defeat

versus Darren, the Rebel and Mickael

In 'Brothers 2', Jeremy really takes it to these two brothers. His full nelsons are torturous, as Kid Brandon found out..

Then KB discovers that all that muscle is great for bearhugging the life out of you. KB is screaming in pain as his back is worked over.

A body scissors with added arm torture takes KB to the breaking point, and seriously close to losing... BUT Kid has his brother Jay to protect him, and they ambush and chloroform poor Jeremy.

With the big guy almost passed out, KB tosses a solid sleeper on Jeremy and watches as the muscle man goes to sleep in his arms.

Now it's payback time for Jay's involvement in the first match. Jay sufffers between Jerem'y huge thighs in a big neck scissors. Jeremy flexes those abs hard, and slowly strokes his stomach muscles as he ours on the power.

Then Jay is camelled and neck is worked over... Jeremy's muscles flaring with strength.

Jay does fight back as much as he can, as Jeremy puts him through a series of devistating holds. Here, a beautiful full nelson has Jay in a world of trouble. He yells out "You are too strong!!! Brandon, HELP ME!!" Brandon comes and denies his brother any help against this monster.

Jeremy bends Jay over his knee, and stretches Jay's muscly body, and there is no escape. Jay submits to the muscleman.

Then in a tagteam match, Jeremy goes back after KB for what he did to him in their match. KB suffers...

... and is stretched painfully until he submits. Round one goes to Jeremy and Eric. Round two has the brothers toppling the big guys...

...then round three starts like this!!! shots to the crotched to bring the big guys down.

Jeremy and Eric are tortured in simultaneous holds by Jay and KB.


There is no stopping them!!! Jeremy and Eric are totally tortured by the brothers in defeat.


Darren poses no threat to this big muscle hunk.

Jeremy works Darren over until he is a puddle of mush in his big arms. 

In one of the best REBEL matches ever... Rebel start out strong and a little too cocky. Jeremy forces his way out of a fig-4 head scissors, and the squash begins for the red muscleman. Watching the beautiful physique of the Rebel be totally manhandeled by the hot physique of Jeremy is breathtaking. The Rebel suffers in this beautifully applied full nelson he is unable to break. The Rebel moans in pain.

Jeremy follows this up with a laying sleeper, flexing that bicep under Rebels chin. With the Rebel almost passed out, Jeremy easily continues his barrage of holds on the his muscled opponent.

Jeremy looks fantastic as he has the hunk in some serious trouble, stretching that neck in all directions... choking him more... then goes to work on those big arms of the Rebels. Armbars...

...and more armbars, has the Rebel yelling "Oh, my arms!!!" Jeremy smiles as he tortured the experienced muscle man.

With those arms and neck of the Rebel all worked over, his next full nelson is almost unbearable for the Red One.


Jeremy knows that his power and strength are too much for even the Rebel. Completely worked over, the Rebel's arms are useless to help him against a huge bearhug. Jeremy smiles, as he mashes the Rebels muscled body in his arms. Jeremy is competely in command of this muscle matchup.


The Rebel gets to touch that big bicep as it flexed under his neck in yet another sleeper. This time it is to finish the hunk off. First standing, then sitting, then kneeling... the Rebel is beautifully squashed in on of the sweetest PWP matches. This one is for the muscle loving fans out there and those who like to watch a great squash job.