Gabriel Dominates 

versus Sammy, Joey and the Rebel

The Rebel Compilation 2

versus the Rebel

Squash 2

versus the Rebel and in a 2 on1 against Jay and Brandon (brothers)

Full Nelson

versus Derek, Dominic and Maxx

Bearhug 4

versus Ghislain, Angelo and Julien

Sleeper 3

versus Joey, Jimmy and Alexi

Ghislain has little defence against Gabriel's bearhugging...

Gabriel easily defeats Ghislain, displaying those big arms in this flex pin pose.

For those bearhug fans, Angelo takes endless bearhugging from start to finish of his matchup with Gabriel.

Julien dishes out some back torture on Gabriel through a good part of their match. Then Gabriel shows his power...


...and Gabriel controls the big guy until he goes out.

Gabriel shows his power by throwing a hanging full nelson on Maxx...

...then Maxx suffer Gabriels staggering headlock.

Gabriel outmuscles three other big muscle guys in 'the Full Nelson Tape'. Here Dominic has no defense at all.


The muscle on these guys is astounding, and watching Derek go toe to toe with Gabriel is fantastic. Derek fairs the best on 'the Full Nelson Tape', but he suffers full nelson torture... a series of nelsons...


...that wears the big guy...




Joey looks great in this Sleeper tape. But is no match for the mighty Gabriel.


Don't worry Joey, this is the way all Gabriels other opponents look too at the end of their matches with him.


Jimmy gets up close and personel Gabriel.


And Alexi finds himself trapped in Gabriels big legs too.


This is yet another classic matchup. Like Mad Maxx, Gabriel gets his turn at beating up the Rebel. The Rebel is totally outmuscled by Gabriel and is subjected to endless...


...torture. He gets controlled with headlocks, body scissor nelsons,...


... bearhugs...


...and more bearhugs...


...and he suffers... one of the best squash jobs in PWP. A classic matchup/squash.


Then in Gabriels other matchup on Squash 2, he goes 2 on 1 against two brothers, and there is little even two of them can do. Here in dual sideheadlocks...


...then he simultaneously bearhugs both of these tough guys together.


Until there is only the Great Gabriel standing. Can Dan find a suitable opponent for this guy. Not even the great experience of the Rebel or the muscle of Derek can hold up to this man.