Estovan a.k.a. the Beach Boy


Hunks of PWP

 versus Joey

Bar Brawls

 versus Sexy Eddie and Josh


 versus Sébastien and Special K

Back when Estovan was a hunky long-haired blond we called him the Beach Boy. But when he decided to cut all of that gorgeous hair off and go back to the dark hair... as well as adding a few more pounds of muscle to that hot frame of his... he was no longer a beach boy, but a hot man to be known as Estovan. In his blond days, this matchup against Joey was great. He gives the veteran Joey a battle, that goes three falls. Here he wraps all that muscle around Joey's body and scissors, sleepers and chokes the hell out of him.

It's night night for Joey as the Beach Boy wins his first matchup in PWP. You would have to agree that Estovan is hot with either look.

Estovan totally outsizes Josh, so this test of strength really gives Josh a taste of what he's in for.

Estovan starts with a single crab working his foot against Josh's back, really working it over for a long while.

Then he moves onto the neck, still bending his back more. Josh is dominated with sleepers...

...side headlocks (look at that great frame of Estovan's)...

...and full nelsons. Josh is demolished by the muscle hunk.

This battle of the titans, actually had Eddie get Josh to sit on the sidelines to help him out if Estovan got in control. Estovan had Eddie in a sleeperhold in the early goings, as Sexy Eddie got to feel that big bicep of Estovans bulge under his chin.

This test of strength had big Estovan dominating his muscular opponent...

...and then bearhugging him with his own arms. Estovan smiles as Eddie struggles to escape the hold.

Then Eddie finds himself in more trouble as Estovan gets this solid Full Nelson on the tough guy. Eddie still unable to free himself from the big man's holds. AND yes... Josh does lend Eddie a hand to defeat big Estovan.