Hunks of PWP

versus Tyler

Scissors 5

versus Tyler, Dyllon and Kid Brandon

 the Black Scorpion

versus Sean and Jackson

Dino is a solidly built wrestler. Here he scissor holds Kid Brandon so he can get a good look at that nice body.

Then he grabs onto his package and sticks it in Kid Brandon's face.

Dino's mean head scissors almost puts Kid Brandon out... and Dino checks by lifting his arm. Nice package Kid.

Kid Brandon out cold... Dino tosses him up over his big shoulder... and turns and flexes that nice bicep for the camera. Hot ending to this match.


Dyllon returns to PWP with a lot more muscle than before. Dino doesn't care. These two equal sized hunks go at it hard. Dino reduces Dyllon to the mat with one of his hard head scissors...

...and doesn't let him go. Nice package Dyllon. Dino totally looks pretty hot bringing down the new musclehunk Dyllon.

He tries to weaken Tyler with on of his head scissors... but Tyler totally outmuscles Dino. Great matchup.

Up against the big man Jackson... Dino gets this full nelson on him, and weakens him enough...

...to take Jackson to the mat so he can apply his head scissors. BUT Jackson has proved he has the meanest scissors, and destroys Dino.

Sean returns to PWP with his hot more muscular body... but Dino doesn't care and goes to work on Sean. A side headlock...

...leading into that nasty head scissors. Sean gets a good look at Dino's hot torso. Sean, almost out, is lifted up and...

...feels that hard bicep of Dino's sleepering him out...

...until he can't take anymore of the hot punishment Dino has to offer. Great fight.