Full Nelson

versus Gabriel, Maxx and Dominic

Really big and really a very hot muscular man. Maxx has a hard go at it in his match against Derek. Getting Maxx softened up with this amazingly hard full nelson...

...Derek continues the neck torture by muscling on this huge side headlock.

Then more full nelson, squeezing those big arms and chest.

It's such a tough hold and Derek just pours on the pressure, until...

...Maxx can't take anymore. Check out the huge guns on this fantastic looking hunk.

He squeezes those big arms around Dominic's head, applying more and more pressure.

Then brings him down to the mat and does the same thing, but with those huge legs of his.

Then he muscles a long full nelson on Dominic, still stretching that neck of his.

Dominic can't take anymore neck punishment from the big guy. The winner, Derek, poses over his opponent showing off that great body.

Gabriel offers Derek much more muscle to overcome. Derek has his hands full with this monster. Derek attempts to outmuscle Gabriel, with his big full nelson...

...and then a neck wrenching head scissors. Gabriel not only outpowers Derek, but makes him submit in a staggering full nelson. AN AMAZING MUSCLE HUNK MATCH-UP!!!