Denis Matthews


ROUGH and Raunchy 8

versus Ricky Robert, Serge Legros and James Mansfield

 ROUGH and Raunchy 4

versus Lenny, Guillaume and Kid TNT

 ROUGH and Raunchy

versus Serge Legros, Lenny and tagteams with Lenny against Serge and Kid TNT

Denis has Lenny in some trouble with this armbar, while he sqeezes Lenny's balls...

...then some hairpulling...

...followed up with this unusual armbar.

The much bigger guy, muscle stud Serge Legros was brought down with this very hot bearhug/chinlock...

...and then Denis poured on the pressure with a big armbar.

Denis poses over the big muscle stud that he just brought down.

Lenny looks on as Denis puts this very nice headlock, then sleeper on the talented Kid TNT.

Denis put up an awesome fight against the bigger James Mansfield.

Denis dominates Ricky Robert's with this beautiful headscissors. And Denis couldn't resist torturing Ricky's big package too.


Denis has Lenny down on the mat and feeling some pain, in this armbar with some ball punishment...


...until Lenny is out, and Denis does his winning flex pin.


Talented Kid TNT is dominated by Denis in their matchup. Here he gets a great view of TNT's package, while pouring on the pressure...


...then TNT is chickenwinged/body scissored, and can't get out of it.


Denis' wonderful flex pin is outstanding.