ROUGH & RAUNCHY #11: Special Events #2

versus Marky, Mike 'Mad Dog' Legros and Brutus

Big Man Dekker, doesn't like how Brutus is brutilizing Mad Dog, so he offers big Brutus a bit of a sleeper hold... get him off of his partner. Dekker stays on that weakened neck of Brutus and stretches it out with this camel clutch.

Dekker enjoys messing with these big PWP guys. Mike can't move, as Dekker pours on the pain with this text book camel clutch.

Dekker follows it up with a body scissors. squeezing Mike's big torso with his huge quads.

When Mike retaliates, it isn't long until Dekker powers out of his opponents grasps...

...and Mike suffers, until he's out.

Marky gets a good feel of Dekkers big shoulders and they squeeze around his body. Dekker makes this big PWP hunk suffer with continual punishing holds...

...and he makes Marky hurt, from his back, to his neck and arms...

...and his legs... punishing him piece by piece. Until Marky can't take anymore.