Filmed with an High Definition (HD) Camera

Match #1

'Dangerous' Mathieu vs The Rebel

Match #2

Bobby Bouchard vs Freaky Frank

Match #3

'Danergerous' Mathieu vs Freaky Frank

Match #4

'Dangerous' Mathieu vs Bobby Bouchard

Match #5

Bobby Bouchard vs The Rebel


Bobby Bouchard vs 'Dangerous' Mathieu

Out comes the chloroform which he gives to Kid TNT.

Poor Mathieu doesn't look 'dangerous' now as Bobby towers over him.

Mathieu quickly clamps on a headlock only... get a fist to the stomach for his efforts!

Up he goes, and down he comes, over Bobby's knee...

...Bobby has Mathieu on the mat... little Mathieu can do little to break free.

Bobby wraps those big legs around Mathieu's... Now who's your daddy??

Mathieu's wrists get a beating. He begs Bobby to release the hold...

The veteran wrestler has a few tricks up his sleeve... Mathieu knows he has to slow the big man down...

...figure four leg lock.




A bone crushing bear hug has Mathieu's friend Kid TNT...


...interfere with the match.

More gut punishmet and punches for the big hunk... as Kid TNT keeps him trapped. After this blatant disregard for the rules, Dan banishes Kid TNT from the match! If Mathieu is going to win, he has to do it on his won!!


With Bobby hurt...

Mathieu seems in control...

...but a quick shot to the gut has Mathieu down on the mat.

Bobby starts with the dreaded nerve hold... and just before he thinks Mathieu is passing out...

...he secures his 'Brain Buster' on the young punk.

Bobby thinks he ahs won the match... and starts parading around the room... but Mathieu was playing possum.


Before he knows what hit him, Bobby finds himself tasting the chlororform!...Mathieu keeps pouring it on...

.But low and behold, Bobby was faking it also... just when Mathieu thinks he has Bobby beaten, Bobby flips him to the mat!

Grabs the chloroform rag...

...and makes the punk suck in the poison.


Bobby, the Man, is victorious!

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