Filmed with an High Definition (HD) Camera

Match #1

'Dangerous' Mathieu vs The Rebel

Match #2

Bobby Bouchard vs Freaky Frank

Match #3

'Danergerous' Mathieu vs Freaky Frank

Match #4

'Dangerous' Mathieu vs Bobby Bouchard

Match #5

Bobby Bouchard vs The Rebel


Bobby Bouchard vs Freaky Frank


Freaky Frank starts with a test of strength but lands a gut punch...

...and gets Bobby in a tight headlock.


But Bobby quickly reverses and secures an armbar on the newcomer.

Now pounds his gut before lifting Frank in a bear hug...

...then proceeds to pound him some more...


...while trying to break free from Bobby's bear hug.


But a gut punch of his own makes Bobby release the hold.

Frank proceeds to slam Bobby's head into the wall...

...then traps him on the mat.

Bobby will have nothing of it and puts the dreaded nerve hold on Frank


Frank is reeling in pain as he finds himself licking up the mat.

More gut punishmet forces Bobby to release the hold.


Freaky Frank has Bobby on the mat...



...then a camel clutch, but the Big Man can't be kept down.

Frank experiences pain at the hands of Bobby.


Bobby returns to the nerve hold and starts dishing out some manhandelling...

Bobby secures Frank's arms while sitting on a chair...

...and proceeds to watch the energy sap from Frank's body.



Bobby says, 'its time for the brain buster!!!


Frank is trapped.

Bobby has another victory under his belt!!

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