Danny D


The Rebel Compilation

versus the Rebel

MatAttack #4

versus the Rebel, Bad Boy and Ironman

the Third Scissors Tape

versus the Rebel, Pistol Pete and a Round Robin match including Eric Legros

the 1st Annual Wrestling Bash

versus Ziggy

Look at this headscissors on the Rebel, and DannyD even gets to claw those rockhard abs too.

Pistol Pete suffers a strong fig-4 headlock, look at Dannyd squeeze.


Danny even handles the big guys like Bad Boy.

Ziggy is a solid challenge for DannyD. In this series, a big beaghug...

...then look at the way Ziggys arms are almost pulled out, as he is pulled back in this camel...


...then this single leglock and DannyD proves he has the talent and the strength in his holds. Solid wrestler.