Danny Boy


the Rebel Compilation 2

versus the Rebel

Sleeper 4

versus Sean, Bradley and the Rebel

KO'ed 2

versus Joey, Slash and Special K

  Sleeper 2

versus Sebastien and Special K

Danny is a big dude, and has seen matches with a few other big guys in PWP since he started. Here Special K is cranked by Danny's big arms in this great sideheadlock.

Slash has little offence against this brawny man.

Danny competely dominates poor Joey in their matchup. This body scissors, squeezing him, and a little neck torture has Joey in trouble.

Sebastien is about Danny's size, so he offers some competition. But Danny shows Sebastien that he isn't intimidated at all.


Here Danny shows some good wrestling skill with this perfect bow and arrow on the very muscular Special K...


...then wraps those pipes around his neck with this sleeper. In a rare moment, Special K succombs to Danny's power.


The Rebel has the muscle power, skill and experience to dominate most any opponent. In this sleeper hold battle, Danny Boy holds his own and out muscles the Rebel, not once...


...but twice. Danny proves himself against another PWP powerhouse.


Danny Boy's powerful biceps control the veteran Sean in this sleeper...


... and then this sideheadlock does him in.


Bradley has talent, but can't stand up against Danny Boy's big pipes. Watch out for Danny's sleeper holds.