Brandon: the Asian Assassin


the Brandon Compilation

versus the Scottish Cowboy, Sebastian, the Rebel, and tagteams with Bad Boy against the Rebel and the Scottish Cowboy, then against Sean and Dyllon

the Rebel Compilation 2

versus the Rebel

the Dyllon Compilation 2

versus Dyllon


versus Sebastian, Mick and Rene

the 3rd Bearhug Tape

versus Dyllon, Sean and tagteams with Bad Boy

Rebellion 3

versus the Rebel, Scottish Cowboy and tagteams with Bad Boy

Brandan abuses Dyllon with his bicep choking him in this vicious choke hold.

Dyllon's ribs look like they are about to snap in that vice like bearhug of Brandan.

Brandan stetches Dyllon out as he almost yanks his arm right out.

Brandan is checking out how his biceps are flexing as he locks this bearhug on poor Sean.

Sean suffers in those big arms.

Dyllon gets the breath squeezed out of him. Brandan is vicious in his dominant attack.


The Assasin's ab claws are held with such force... this one really shakes up the Rebel....


...until eventually the Rebel falls to the might of Brandan in their first matchup. These two adonis' really tied one on. Great bodies, great watch.


The Scottish Cowboy finds himself stuggling in Brandan's big pipes in this headlock.


This powerful chinlock has the Cowboy stretched out putting a lot of pressure on those abs, chest, neck, and back


Great bodies on Branded... lean musclehunk Mick has Brandan all over him, that huge bicep tight under his chin.


Brandan knows how to put on a nelson as Mick finds out. Mick's chin sunk painfully into his chest, neck stretched one way, arms and shoulders the other. Solid.


Brandan looks after another big guy, Rene... kneeling on his neck... Rene's big arm can't help him now as it's stretched and bent back in an armbar.


Bearhugged down on the mat Rene is helpless and suffering.


He repeatedly asks René to submit while trapped in his new hold: The Asian Torture rack... ouch!!!


Sebastian suffers as Brandan headlocks him with those big arms and buries his face powerfully in his chest... squeezing hard.


Brandan digs his claws around Sebatian's abs working over the big guy controlling him.


Sebastian's big pecs are a great target for Brandan as he scissors him.


By the look on Sebastian's face he doesn't know what to do, being choked... his back and legs being stretched out... he's in a load of trouble...


...and falls easily being strong armed by the mighty Brandan.