Doomed and Dominated

versus Miguel, Brutus and Marky

Bobby is one heck of a BIG Bruiser!!! Size and strength is only half of the package... this guy is mean! A shot to the balls has Marky in some serious trouble. This is only a taste of what is in store for the hunk, Marky.

Bobby knew where to find the chlorform and as he body scissors Marky, he takes the energy out of him with a doused cloth. He laughs at his control of the man.

Bobby manages to get a nerve hold on the hunk, and Marky has no way of geting out of the painful hold.

Then it's full nelson time, as Bobby gets that big torso right upagainst Marky's big back and pulls on those muscular arms and punishes his neck. Marky is in a whole lot of pain.

Marky gets an up close look at the his huge opponents crotch, as his had is squeezed between those mighty thighs.

Marky reseives yet more neck punishment as big Bobby headlocks the hunk. Marky is totally dominated.

What ensues is punishment extrordinaire... Bobby gets out a chair and sits back and enjoys applying a had squeezing 'brian buster' on the muscle hunk. Marky is completely dominated in this matchup.

Not only did Bobby totally steamroller over poor Marky, one of PWP biggest muscle wrestlers... but Dan even puts Brutus (probably one of the biggest guys you could meet) up against the huge man. Brutus does manage to cause big Bobby some pain earlyin the fight, but once Bobby takes control with a headscissors that Brutus can't shake...

...and it's onto the brain buster to take him down a notch or two. Look how he has big Brutus moaning in pain. To the point where Brutus turns to puddy in his grasp...

...and Bobby one by one, takes out two of the biggest guys in PWP. This man is a force!!!

And there is poor Miguel. The monster, Bobby gives us a solid display of 'Squashing'. Headlocking Miguel, Bobby kisses that big bicep of his and laughs.

His bearhugs almost squeeze Miguel in half.


Look how he easily picks Miguel up with one arm and tosses him around.


And of course Bobby had to emphisize his domination with a nerve hold and brain buster.

Easily tossing Miguel up over his shoulders in a back breaker... Miguel is destroyed in yet another Bobby win.