JACKSON 'the Black Scorpion'


the Tyler Compilation

versus Tyler

the Black Scorpion

versus Tyler, Sean and Dino

Jackson was a great find for PWP... Big, muscular, sculpted body. Sean returns to PWP with his hot new body, but it does little to defend himself against Jackson. He easily tosses Sean over his knee and chokes him early in this matchup to show him what he's up against.

This is a bearhug that Sean will not soon forget. Jackson squeezes Sean's hot new body until Sean is a pile on the mat.

Jackson not only uses those lethal big arms of his to torture his opponents... his scissors are second to none as...

...the look on Sean's face will show. Those massive thighs wrapped around Sean, and added repeated choking has Sean admitting defeat.

Dino brings his hunky body and tough talk to his match up with Jackson... only to have Jackson give him a real attitude adjustment.

Jackson's powerful scissors hold...

...and bear hugging with the Scorpions mighty arms...

...and more scissoring has Dino's tough talk turned to painful moans.

This battle of the BIG guys, has Jackson up against Tyler, another ultra-hot new PWP hunk. And this one is quite the challenge for both of these hot men. They exchange killer side headlocks.


Jackson really works over Tylers big brawny neck and back with well-applied camel clutches...


...and manhandeling him with chokeholds to keep him in control.


When Jackson wraps those massive arms around big Tylers torso... it is devine to watch. Tyler's hot body melts in Jackson big arms...


...then is tossed to the mat and his scissors are applied to finish off the hunk Tyler. This battle is fabulous to watch over and over!!