PWP Wrestling presents 


Bryan is a young upstart at PWP. He goes through some classes in his wrestling moves and holds with his coach, Zipper. Then, to start the matchups, Zipper goes one on one with his buddy the Montreal Mauler...and these guys go forever, experienced and equalled in ability. Bryan then goes up against another young hunky wrestler, Phil. It's in the third matchup where things heat up. Bryan is about to take coach Zipper and Mauler jumps in to the rescue and they beat on Bryan. He wants a piece of musclehunk Bryan now. These two go at it, and they go the distance, but it's Bryan who proves to be just too much even for the vet. So Zipper jumps to Maulers aid and they pumble Bryan. And again these two heels pose over their lifeless defeated opponent. So Bryan has had enough and teams up with Phil and take on these two bad-boys... who will be the victor?

Match 1

Zipper vs Montréal Mauler

Match 2

Bryan vs Phil

 Match 3

Bryan vs Zipper


Match 4

Bryan vs Montreal Mauler

Bryan...Another face destroyed!!!



Bryan and Phil vs Zipper and Montreal Mauler


Bryan and Phil


Zipper and Montreal Mauler


DVD - $29.00