The Dyllon Compilation

versus Dyllon

 The Rebel's Return

versus Mad Maxx, the Scottish Cowboy and Andre


versus Dyllon and Laurent


Dyllon finds himself trapped in Andre's nelson...

...and then this tough fig-4 headscissors with an armbar has Dyllon reeling.

Laurent gets a taste of Andre's side headlock...

...and an armbar works those big shoulders of Laurent over.

Andre is gifted with a fantasticly sculpted body. Here he tries to slow down PWP's mega-hunk, the Rebel, with this choke hold.

He manages to get those legs around the Rebel still choking him with a fig headscissors.

He works the Rebel over a bit, bit is really outsized in this matchup. He's not enough for our hero.

In his matchup against Mad Maxx, our little muscle guy really tries to slow this new PWP hunk down with some choking...

...and more choking and even a hammerlock for good measure, but just can't outdo this big guy. He's definately outmuscled in this one.