In The Ring 2

Match #1

Mathieu vs Mario

Match #2

Emmanuel vs François

Match #3

Mario vs Emmanuel

Match #4

Mathieu vs François

Match #5

Tag Team Match

Mario + Mathieu vs Emmanuel + François

Match #5


Emmanuel + François vs Mathieu + Mario

MATHIEU and Mario take the early advantage by double-teaming their opponents.

MARIO land a solid kick to Emmanuel's gut!

Mario gains the upper hand in a test of strength...

The result is more double-teaming until Emmanuel comes to the rescue.

EMMANUEL both takes and gives as Mario tries everything to break free from Emmanuel's bear hug...

FRANCOIS gets a couple of lessons from Mathieu....

François becomes the victim of choice for both Mathieu and Mario...

until Emmanuel enters the ring to help his partner...only to find himself trapped in a Mario shows Mathieu how well he has learned from the Master.

Both Emmanuel and François are dead meat...

The tag team partners of Mathieu and Mario pose over their defeated opponents..


DVD - $32.95