In The Ring 2

Match #1

Mathieu vs Mario

Match #2

Emmanuel vs François

Match #3

Mario vs Emmanuel

Match #4

Mathieu vs François

Match #5

Tag Team Match

Mario + Mathieu vs Emmanuel + François

Match #3

Mario vs Emmanuel

Mario is eager to show his mentor that he can dish out punishment...

Mathieu is on the side watching his protegé work...

EMMANUEL takes repeated punches to teh gut..then Mario takes a belt from behind the ring post and

proceeds to garrote Emmanuel..'I'm going to ride you bitch'...

EMMANUEL won't take much more so he rakes Mario's face ...

..and clamps on that bone crushing bear hug...

Somehow Mario escapes and plants a few well placed knees to Emmanuel's mid section..

Emmanuel takes advantage once more with a headlock and some dirty tactics of his own..

EMMANUEL takes control once more..first with a full nelson and then

his punishing bear hug...Emmanuel gloats as Mario slowly loses consciousness...

EMMANUEL chokes Mario after the bell telling his opponent.."you can't get away with hog-tieing me you punk"...

The victorious Emmanuel. What does Mathieu think of his protegé now???


DVD - $32.95