Sleeper #8

versus D. Vedette, Jay and Sexxy Eddie

 Muscle #2

versus Dale, Marco and Shawn

Young Yannick is a giant among the PWP wrestlers. Towering over them, his body is well muscled and BIG. In his first matchup against another hot PWP wrestler in his first matchup too, D. Vedette. Vedette has a rocket body. Tight, lean and built, this guy looks tough. Yannick starts in on him with a powerful sideheadlock.

The muscleman Vedette, has a difficult time with Yannick. He cringes as Yannick flexes that big bicep around his neck.

Totally in control of Vedette, Yannick goes back and forth between the sideheadlock and sleeper on his opponents. Vedette can't get out of this perfect classic hold.

Then Yannick takes the muscleman to the floor with a commanding sleeper hold. Vedette can't shake this powerful man.


WOW!!! Yannick is a welcome addition to the PWP roster. What a man!!!

With every return of Jay to PWP, he brings a more solid muscular build. This hot bodied hunk really has a hard time with the musch bigger Yannick.


Yannick uses one of Jay's specialty holds against him.

Jay's neck is really worked over with headlocks, sleepers, camel clutches and head scissors. Yannick sure looks great in white.

Jay is just overpowered by his huge opponent.

Two matches... and two wins, over two very worthy opponents. Watch out for this guy PWP wrestlers.


In his third matchup, Yannick goes up against a PWP favorite...Sexxy Eddie. The equally big and powerful Eddie has a very difficult time against the new guy. Like the others, Yannick makes him suffer in his devistating sideheadlock, working over that neck.

Then on the floor, Eddie is all tied up in a painful armbar with an added leghold. Musclehunk Eddie is screaming in pain.


Eddie gets worked over the same way as Yannicks earlier opponents. Neck holds like sideheadlocks and sleepers has Eddie in a weird place... being dominated badly.


Yannick squeezes hard and Eddie is almost out. All of Eddies muscle couldn't help him out of being squashed by a new PWP superstud. Yannick rules!!!