Rough and Raunchy 12

versus Chris, Bobby and Serge

  Sleeper 7

versus Fred and the Butcher

Rough and Raunchy 2

versus Kid TNT, Lenny, and tagteams with TNT against Lenny and Mike Mauvais

The PWP Veteran really has his hands full with Sylvain's punishing dominance in their matchup. Bodycrushing bearhugs...

...then neck twisting, head crushing, bicep flexing headlocks has TNT in a whole lot of pain and trouble.

Sylvian doesn't let go of TNT's neck, as he takes his punishing dominance to the mat, tossing TNT into a body scissors too. OUCH!!!

Sylvain mashes his foot into TNT's head after he gets the submission from the vet. Great fight!


Sylvain does have the wrestling skills to really make these guys hurt sometimes. Check out how he gets Lenny into a leg-splitting, full nelson. And squeezes and stretches Lenny into begging him to stop.

Taking Lenny out with a sleepering headlock, Sylvain humiliates Lenny by dishing out some ball punishment too.


BIG hunk Fred usually dominates his opponents with his commanding size. In their matchup, Sylvain front face locks Fred, and doesn't let go for a very long time. The big man can't shake the hold, and Sylvain...


...fixates his attack on Fred's neck.


Taking Fred down to the mat and mounting him, Sylvain punishes the big man with a long sleeperhold.


Fred tries to get up, but Sylvain has wekened him down enough to hang on and continue his assault. He displays the muscleman's great body... he works that sleeper. WOW... is this going to be an upset?!


Referee, Kid TNT, lifts Fred's weak, massive arm... to see if it's nighty night for the big man. Sylvain tightens his grip and flexes his bicep harder... but Fred manages to shake off the attack. Sylvain tries his best and almost downs the BIG hunk. Great fight.


The Butcher, in their sleeper battle... gets a taste of Sylvain's devistating sleeperhold. He struggles that hunky body around in Sylvain's arms, first kneeling...


...then Sylvain takes him down to the mat, mounts him, and keeps up the pressure on that neck. Does he prevail?? Check out the match and see!!