Hunks 2

versus 'Freaky' Frank

 Joey Succumbs #2

versus Dino and Joey

 Bearhug #5

versus Wesley and Skull

The muscleman Neil locks Wesley in this huge bear hug. He works the big man's back by squeezing him in those mighty arms. Both of these guys have such phenominal physiques. And Wesley likes to think of himself as the heel. Neil will change his mind with this match.

He then takes Wesley to the floor still working over that back. He pulls his big shoulders and neck in a camel clutch. Chokes and armbars, more and more squeezing (standing and on the floor), and Neil flexing wildly over the stud.

Then again he's into bear hugging the big Wesley. The big man helpless in Neil's mighty grasp.

Shouts of pain, with more bearhugging. Wesley yelling that he 'can't take it anymore!!' Neil's uses all of that muscle in his upper body with every squeeze. Wesley puts up one hell of a fight, but he doesn't have enough to overtake big Neil.


Neil discovers the hard way that Skull is no man to take lightly. Even though he is injured, the man is made of muscle. In their matchup, when Neil finds himself not dominating... he gets his buddy (TYLER, who is watching) to help him out.

TYLER is totally RIPPED... awesome body... and starts bearhugging big Skull, while Neil works over Skull's injured parts.


When Tyler exits this 2 on 1 fight... Skull can't wait to get his hands on Neil and destroy him. He is too juch for Neil.

Neil goes up against a great Heel... Dino. Dino brings to the matches on this one a fantasticly developed body... and attitude. Neil manages to headlock Dino for a while, squeezing that nice bicep around Dino's neck.

Dino suffers a long body scissors...

...and then it's a half-nelson with added arm torture on the floor. Dino doesn't appreciate any of this and when he breaks free, he unloads on Dino with everything. If you want to see the gorgeous muscleman Neil get beaten and toyed with... Dino delivers an awesome match.


Joey too has developed an amazing body since he entered PWP. Lean and muscular hot man... Neil has a great time destroying him. Neil starts with neck torture to weaken the stud. A powerful side headlock has Joey shaken...

...then a knee to the back camel clutch, as Neil starts to go to work on Joey's back.


Body scissors and a fist to his lower back, and Joey is screaming in pain.


Then it's onto Neil's favorite hold. Joey gets Bearhugged in Neil's big arms... getting squished against that hard musclular torso. Chest flexing and his arms tightening around him... over and over.

Crotch to crotch... hard well-muscled bodies against eachother... and Neil dominating the hot Joey.

Neil over Joey in a beautiful squashjob. Neil flexes those big guns as he bad talks the beaten Joey.