Joey Succumbs #2

versus Dino, Neil and Steve

the Tyler Compilation

versus Tyler

Gabriel Dominates

versus the Rebel, Sammy and Gabriel

Joey Succumbs

versus Sean, Fred and a three-way against both

Hunks of PWP

versus Estovan 'the Beach Boy' and Eddie

Sleeper 6

versus the Rebel and Eric

the Rebel's Revenge

versus the Rebel, Tyler and Darren

Sleeper 3

versus Alexi, Jimmy and Gabriel


versus Sebastien and Special K

Joey is another PWP hunk that keeps packing on the muscle. His arms, shoulders, legs, chest, abs... He keeps getting better looking. Joey enjoys making the aggressive Dino feel some pain too. This neck twisting back breaker has Dino screaming, as Joey pours on the muscle.

Joey overpowers the big wrestler, Neil, in their test of strength. Joey looks pretty friggin' hot.


Here Joey has muscleman Steve in a hard held classic side headlock. He flexes that big arm and squeezes Steve's neck with power. Looking great Joey!!


And then he punishes the big man's neck and shoulders some more, with a beautiful full nelson. He has Steve under control and hurting. HOT!!!


Joey puts the squeeze on big Sebastien in this matchup...


Then subjects the big hunk to this hard full nelson hold.

He continues by wrapping that big bicep under Jimmy's chin and sleepers him, showing that there is a lot of power in that little frame.


Then he drags his almost defeated opponent over to the couch and takes a comfortable seat. Joey is a powerhouse and shows Jimmy AND PWP he can handle his own. Great body on him.

Darren has a tough time with Joey in their matchup. Joey came to this looking his biggest and carried lots of confidence too. His side headlock was tough and powerful...

...and this camel clutch continued the neck torture, but starts working over Darren's back in the process.

And still pinpointing the attack on the back and neck... our red-hot Joey scissors his body and continues the neck torture.

And it continues... Joey dominates Darren with focus and determination.

And Joey gets his moment... strong and dominent... as he proudly flexes over his fallen opponent.