Match #1

Mathieu vs Brad

Match #2

Mathieu vs Sylvain

Match #3

James Wallace vs Brad vs Sylvain

Match #4

James Wallace vs Mathieu




JAMES WALLACE is caught in Mathieu's arm bar..

MATHIEU now feels the pain from James...

Now its Mathieu's turn with an ab stretch....

James reverses and has Mathieu on the mat...

JAMES keeps Mathieu on the mat....

MATHIEU is now in trouble as James applies one of his signature submisssion holds..

Mathieu seems out of it but is able to power up and delivers an elbow to the gut..

Mathieu clamps on a headlock and has james on the mat..

JAMES powers out and now has Mathieu screaming in pain...

'Give it up..' Will Mathieu concede?...not now!

a Bear Hug

and an eye rake by Mathieu..

Mathieu has James and ....

....gets him on the mat..Will James concede???

James delivers a sloid knee to the face of Mathieu...

....and then grabs him in a powerful bear hug..

The pain on Mathieu's face says it all.....and for good measure after Mathieu concedes the match, James makes him suffer some more in a boston crab...

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