Match #1

Joey vs Darren

Match #2

Tyler vs Joey

Match #3

Darren vs Rebel

Match #4

Rebel vs Joey

Match #5

Rebel vs Tyler



Tyler is PWP's new HUNK. He LOVES to wrestle and LOVES to...

...concentrate his efforts on punishing his opponent's head.

His headlocks are long and bone crushing. He's not above cheating and chocking.

What a view of Tyler and his assets. Tyler LOVES to taunt his opponets in ENGLISH!

'You like looking at my balls, punk".

Tyler knows he outclasses Joey... so he decides to play with him.

Joey becomes limp from Tyler's full nelson...

...and then succumbs to Tyler's bear hug... What a beating!

But its not over yet!! Tyler has Joey on the mat is a headlock and decides to choke him...

...another head scissors. This time we can see Tyler's handsome butt...

...and so can Joey... close up.

Time to sleep.


Joey slowly succumbs to Tyler's pressure and prowess.

An easy victory for PWP's latest find.


 VHS - $39.00 (New Price)