PWP Wrestling presents


10 of PWP's SEXIEST hot muscle wrestlers all in never before seen matches, together on one tape

Match #1

Joey vs Beach Boy

Match #2

Tyler vs Darren

Match #3

Marky vs Brutus

Match #4

Eddie vs Joey

Match #5

Dyllon vs Kid Brandon

Match #6

Tyler vs Dino


2 out of 3 Falls

Joey vs The Beach Boy

1st Fall: Joey has Beach Boy in trouble.

1st Fall: Beach Boy wins with a bone crushing headscissors.

2nd Fall: Joey has his opponent on the mat.

2nd Fall: Joey has the Beach Boy securely locked in a full nelson.

2nd Fall: Joey gets a submission with a punishing full nelson.

3rd fall: The Beach Boy wastes no time in dominating Joey.

3rd fall: Once Beach Boy has Joey locked in his sleper hold.

3rd fall: its all over for PWP's favorite jobber.

 VHS - $40.00