Match #1

WESLEY vs Eric

Match #2

RIKKI vs Mickael

Match #3

RIKKI vs Eric

Match #4

WESLEY vs Mickael

Match #5

Tag Team Match



Wesley easily overpowers the smaller Eric in a test of strength.

Wesley clamps on a tight side headlock.

Then he decides to rake Eric's eyes and other dirty tricks.

Eric is unceremoniously dropped to the mat where Wesley continues his assault.

Once on the mat, its easy for Wesley to secure Eric's head...

...inside a figure-four head scissors where he continues his punishment of Eric's face..

Wesley challenges Eric to put him in a headlock ...

...and as much as Eric tries to pressure Wesley, he seems incapable of hurting Wesley... who easily picks him up and throws him hard to the mat.

Its time for Wesley to grind that headlock and to...

...massage, punch and well do whatever he likes to Eric's face and head.

And if that weren't enough...

...some well place elbows to Eric's back..and listen to Eric's pain.

Front head and face locks...

...and more hair pulling has Eric seeing stars!

Wesley decides to finish Eric with - first a figure-four..

...head scissors and then securing Eric's face tight against his crotch...

...squeezing ever so tightly... until Eric has to submit... Woof !!


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