Match #1

'GAB' vs Sammy

Match #2

The Rebel vs Joey

Match #3

'Gab' vs Joey

Match #4

Sammy vs Joey

Match #5

'Gab' vs The Rebel


Match #2

The Rebel vs Joey

The Rebel takes advanatge of Joey's head.

He seems in control over Joey as he makes him suffer in a camel clutch.

Then he wraps those massive thighs around Joey's neck... Woof!

Joey won't go down without a fight as he clamps on a full nelson.

Then Joey arm bar's his opponent...

...down to the mat and puts the squeeze on the Rebel Man.

Joey seems in control over the Red Menace.

The more the Rebel squirms, the tighter the grip.

Joey seems to be enjoying his new found control over his one time rival.

The Rebel is in pain as Joey squeezes.

Joey clamps on a sleeper...

...and before you can say one, two, three... you're out...

...JOEY poses over a defeated REBEL... WOW!!


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