Sexxy Eddie


Sexy Eddie Destroyed


Sexy Eddie Succumbs

versus Kid Brandon, Marco, and a three-way with them

 Sleeper #8

versus Jay, D. Vedette and Yannick

 Spring Fever

versus Mathieu, Jonathon and Brandon


versus Rikki, Raphael and Anthony

Sleeper 6

versus Eric and the Rebel

Bar Brawls

versus Estovan, Chad and Josh

Hunks of PWP

versus Joey

Pistol Pete has his hands full, when he takes on the new powerhouse, Eddie. Eddie has a way of punishing his opponent, yet still finding time to show off his hot muscular body in the process. Pistol gets his neck stretched a little in this camel clutch...

... then Eddie, still with the pressure on that hurting neck of Pistol with a choke... scissors his opponent with those big legs, squeezing Pete's helpless body harder and harder.

Eddie then moves onto this fig-4 head scissors, face to crotch, so Pete can get a good look at that hot body that's punishing him. Eddie gives Pete a good show, flexing those abs as he squeezes Pete's neck.

Lights out for Pistol Pete. And Eddie, in true Eddie fashion, stands above his defeated opponent and gives us a show of that great physique that PWP are begging to see more of.

This matchup poses Sexy Eddie against another hot body, Estovan. Pretty evenly matched, these two hunks try to outmuscle eachother with sleepers, scissors, camel clutches... and they look great!!

Estovan does look like he is going to defeat the Sexy One, until there is some interferance... and then big muscular Estovan suffers as Eddie lets him have it.

Slowly Eddie sleepers him into la-la land...flexing that big bicep around Estovan's neck until he is just a passed out pile of muscle. A rematch between these two should be in order.

And look what happens to Josh (for helping out Eddie when he needed it)... He to is sleepered out by PWP's newest heel. Then kneeling over his fallen foes, Eddie flexes proudly.

Josh gets to have a turn at Eddie, after he was ambushed by Eddie in an earlier match. But Josh offers little defence as Eddie goes after him piece by piece.


Eddie is all over Josh, here demonstrating a text book full nelson. Look at those powerful arms pulling on poor Josh's arms and shoulders, painfully pushing Josh's chin into his chest. Young, tough Eddie is sure to be a force to wreckon with in PWP.


Joey is pretty well squashed by new musclehunk Eddie. Eddie goes to work on Joey's neck with full nelson's, sleepers...


...and neck scissors. You should see how Eddie's shoulders and back muscles flareout as he pours on the pressure, making Joey suffer.


Eddie once again poses over his fallen opponent. This hunk is an awesome heel, watch out PWP.


In his first matchup, Eddie took on the ultimate PWP hunk... the Rebel. You should see these two mashing their muscle bodies together. In one of the longest sleeper holds that the Rebel has ever endured, Eddie demonstrates...


...on the Rebel, what a tough hard sleeper feels like. This one is a battle of the bodies, but it's the Rebel who outmuslces the young hunk, showing him what an experienced heel would do.

Eddie takes on the talented Eric in a sleeper hold battle. Eric really takes it to Eddie and puts up quite a fight. but it's Eddie that dominates in this one.

Like this neck cranking leg, back bending leg sleeper.

Eric suffers in this hold until he's had enough. The powerful Eddie shows us once again what a great heel he will be in PWP.